LED Lenser® "H7R"

LED Lenser® "H7R"

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With two new functions, this lamp impressively underlines its technological advantage: the dimming function, which continuously regulates the brightness from zero to one hundred percent, and the precision optics manufactured in Nuremberg. The innovative lens system produces both a wide, circular close-up light and a sharply focused high-beam. Handling this lamp is child's play, and its immense power and luminosity leave nothing to be desired. The included batteries and the included charger minimize operating costs. Smart: the lamp can also be operated with standard AAA alkaline batteries. Weight: 165 g, LED: 1x Cree (included), batteries: 4 x 1.5V AAA / rechargeable batteries.

Key facts and features

  • Maximum light output: 300 lumens
  • Low power consumption: up to 30 hours runtime
  • Extremely long range: up to 160 meters
  • Light weight: only 165 grams
  • Swivel head for precise light where you need it
  • Rechargeable
  • Stepless focus function - better near and far vision
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof
  • Pleasant to wear thanks to balanced weight ratio
  • Quick and secure to attach
  • Front switch operation: A switch on the lamp head for one-handed operation
  • Extensive accessories included in delivery

Light functions

  • Power function: High light output for every situation
  • Low power function: economical light for long running times
  • Boost function: Maximum power for a short time for more brightness
  • Blinking function: Automatically sends light pulses at regular intervals


  • Smart Light Technology: Individually programmable button and switch combination
  • Advanced Focus System (AFS): Continuously adjustable near and high beam
  • Rapid Focus: For changing the light mode (focusing/defocusing) in a flash
  • LED Temperature Control: Protects LED from overheating and the wearer from burns


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