LED Lenser® "H5"

LED Lenser® "H5"

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This headlamp can do much more than just look elegant. The special optics bundle the super-bright light from the LED particularly effectively or expand it into wide, circular close-up light by rotating the lens. The lamp head can be swiveled 90 degrees. The soft strap and low weight make it really comfortable to wear. The red rear light makes the LED LENSER® H5 the ideal lamp for joggers and night walkers. This can provide relaxation in the dark. And on the forehead. LED: 1x 0.5W, batteries: 3x 1.5V AAA (included).
The low weight (120 g) ensures this that you definitely don't have to do one thing with the H5: wrinkle your forehead. Additionally, a rear light on the battery box so you can be seen.

Key facts and features

  • Maximum light output: 25 lumens
  • Low power consumption: up to 20 hours runtime
  • Extremely long range: up to 70 meters
  • Rear Light: a red taillight so that you can also be seen from behind
  • Light weight: only 120 grams
  • Swivel head for precise light where you need it
  • Stepless focus function - better near and far vision
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof
  • Pleasant to wear thanks to balanced weight ratio
  • Quick and secure to attach
  • Front switch operation: A switch on the lamp head for one-handed operation
  • Extensive accessories included in delivery
  • Power function: High light output for every situation



  • Rapid Focus: For quickly changing the light mode (focusing/defocusing)
  • LED Temperature Control: Protects LED from overheating and the wearer from burns


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